Abduction Pillow

Designed for leg abduction and positioning, features Velcro® style strap for easy use. Made of fire retardant, polyurethane foam.


Stocking Aids

Kit includes two essential items when recovering from hip or knee surgery, and is ideal for persons with back problems or limited hand use function. Weighs only 5 oz.


Sheepskin Heal and Elbow Protector

Completely washable protectors use hook and loop fasteners and a simplified, effective design. Synthetic fur provides proper ventilation to heel areas.


Foot Pillows and Foot Positioners

Foot pillows with durable silicore® filling that is soft, resilient and will not mat down. Cotton/poly cover and foam-padded straps with Velcro® closure. Machine wash/dry.


Rubber Grip Locking Reacher


Shoehorn Reacher




Dressing Stick



Outstanding acoustics, stainless steel dual head, dual frequency diaphragm. Two-tubes-in-one design with soft sealing ear tips.


Rapapore Dual-Head

5-in1 multi-purpose Quintscope™ has 22" tubing and silver chest piece. Includes three different size open bells.


Master Cardiology

Hear both high and low frequency sounds from a patented single-side chest piece.


Manual Inflation Digital Sphygmomanometer

Features blood pressure and pulse display on a large digital panel. Standard Adult D-ring cuff for one-hand application and automatic deflation.


Automatic Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor

Cuff inflates and deflates with the push of a button. Large LCD digital panel displays blood pressure and pulse, stores last reading in memory. Easy-to-apply.


Blood Pressure Velcro®Cuff with Bladder

Manual units only


Omron Regency Sphygmomanometer

Professional series 300 mm/hg gray enamel gauge with no stop pin has lifetime calibration warranty. Includes long-life cotton cuff, latex inflation system, deluxe air release valve and leatherette carrying case.


Moist Heat Pack

Safe, automatic electric moist heat pack for sore muscles, sinus headaches, backaches. Stimulates circulation and provides deep down relief. One year warranty.


Maxima Tens II

Full-function dual channel stimulator with burst, modulation and normal modes. Includes alkaline batteries, leads, electrodes and case. For maximum pain relief.


Medalert Mats

A battery-powered, wireless mat system used to detect a roaming patient. The mats are normally located on the floor, beside a patients bed, to alert the attendant that the patient has gotten out of bed. Each mat is made to meet rigid service requirments, thus insuring long life and greater wear-resistence. The standard size is 30" x 36". Other sizes are available.


Physician's Scale

Rugged, chrome-platted zinc die cast beam with engraved, paint-filled, easy-to-read graduations. Simple in-field recalibration. Steel base with DURATOP™ cover eliminates peeling. Durable baked enamel. 350 lbs.